Saturday, December 02, 2006

Days unravel nicely.

I find that I don't really read anything online, just skim.
This means that I mistake comments on blogs for blog content.
This was the case with seeing the following on Dennis Cooper's blog:
"Other folks I know manage blogs that might interest regular readers here, and yourself. I like a blog called vananodyne, and the blog maintained by painter Wil Murray... I share some connections with both of these people, but WTF, I admire them and this will probably be my last post here..."

I am delighted by having spent the day trying to figure out where this Mr. Cooper would have seen my work, and why he would express admiration for me. I decided to try to find some of his work and read it. I really had a lovely time.... and found a good blog.
I invited him for a studio visit if he were ever in Montreal and he expressed interest.

The comments were in fact made by a friend in Vancouver, John Veldhoen(whose expression of admiration is well appreciated).

This is not unlike how paintings get made. Whole series of actions based on all kinds of assumptions and conclusions made without sufficient information. I have always said that a huge component of my work is my absolute hatred of researching things properly in order to properly replicate them. I am more able to suss out a version with what I have readily available to me in the studio. In the end, I never wind up with the thing I am attempting to do, but rather some frankenstein that has far more to do with the rash and the ridiculous than the original object, or the desire to replicate it. That fleeting time where you build a fuck of a lot on something you're not even looking at anymore, or checking for stability.

Hyperbolic mistakes , and the arrogance they provide take me where I didn't know I wanted to be.


My Own Biggest Fan said...

I think I completely understand where you are coming from. A long time ago I made attempts to emulate music by Mouse on Mars, Underworld and other people who made electronic music using extremely basic sequencer software and equipment. Now I know that I was doomed from the start, but the things I learned while trying to hack together my work, MacGyver style, are priceless. It also helps me hone the voice that is mine alone.

Wil Murray said...

Well initially it may have been that, yes. I have to differ with you on the aspect of TRYING to do something.
I have found that these days I am very much doing something with this process, it is not an autonomous space of experimentation, but rather an integral framework(one of many) in which I make the paintings I am making, and does not really speak to my thwarting direction imitation.
I guess it is your tone I don't agree with as it reads to me like trying to find a way to do things in place of doing something. I'm not feeling like I am seeking my voice these days, and more like that question is antithetical to working.
Extending it into the example I gave it is also the way I am living, and does huge and drastic things to my life.

My Own Biggest Fan said...

Oh man, I never know how to continue the discussion after you respond. You always manage to take it somewhere I wasn't prepared to go.

Wil Murray said...

Well, your comments are much appreciated...not many seem can be bothered to. You an Heather keep it from seeming like I'm just shouting to a binary void.

heather said...

MASON! if wil is trying to pressure you into going somewhere you don't want to, just say 'NO' and GO and tell someone you trust!
and by the way, i think your tone is lovely.