Sunday, December 03, 2006

This and That...No, sorry Pots and Pans....No Wait, Paint and Sex

I've not finished a paintings since the end of August.
I have spat fire at the mention of sex since about the same time. Indeed I've sung the Television Personalities song "Paradise is for the blessed (not for the sex obsessed)", and asserted I will get a shirt printed with Fuck Sex.

Three paintings are in the midst of being completed.
Each night I dream sex and plot lines that seem like young adult literature.

I am always amazed at how uneasy people get with my expressions of disdain for sex in times like the past couple of months, and know that this post will be received like a prodigal son tale and relief will be expressed at my having returned from sexless illness.


heather said...

so! erm... i don't get it. so are you saying that sex and painting are, like... ermmm. that is to say... heh.
anyhow, i prefer the term 'doing it'. Perhaps you'd consider rephrasing your shirt, so it would say "Fuck Doing It"?

Wil Murray said...

My constant use of the words boner, porking and love-making keep the doing it at bay.
This is so not my first canoe trip.

Wil Murray said...

more like....
I ain't worth fucking if I'm not finishing paintings, my dear.


There must be something terribly wrong with anyone who would want to have sex with a man who has not finished a painting in months.....please clear out.

heather said...

oh, i see. it's clear now.
now, when you say 'canoe trip'...