Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Before They Were Famous, after 2.


"She's Imaginative, She's 23 Years Old..." one or two weeks before completion.


"She's Imaginative, She's 23 Years Old..." completed image.


My Own Biggest Fan said...

Your changes made it obviously better. At least to my decorative bias.

Wil Murray said...

Please, Mason....don't pull the rug out from under yourself like that, it is the only thing tying the drapes and the ottoman together.

Wil Murray said...

I actually didn't post this to receive adulation for paintings well-painted. While I am terribly vain...I am not vain in THAT way.
I put these up to help see in digital images how the paintings are constructed and to try to convey some of the information that is lost in reproduction to those thousands of miles away.
Maybe I've got my head up may ass...

heather said...

for sure!