Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Before hey were famous, after 1.

As very few people get to visit my studio and see in person the process of me destroying their favourite parts of a painting by their next visit, I have decided to post these before/sfter photos of paintings long since finished.


"When You're Alone...." in progress, about one week before completion.


"When You're Alone..." Completed image.


Anonymous said...

Hey Wil. I like these pictures. It is 1am and I am about to go to the studio. I was finally able to stretch a canvas after the thumb cutting incident. Somehow I was researching butcher gloves and then I found myself on your blog. The glove looks like a good idea, considering I love my exacto. I really enjoy your stuff. It is refreshing.


Wil Murray said...

Oh I know the exacto problem, mine seems to like the inside of my left hand a lot, as it keeps going for visits there.
Two hospital trips this year...and I got to see my bone once.
Maybe I need one of those gloves too.
When can I see your work? Will you have stuff in the group shows at PMG coming up? Should I visit our nation's capital more often?

Anonymous said...

yuck. It was my first time for stitches. I almost fainted. I'll have stuff in the Jan. show. And you can visit my studio anytime. I'd like to see yours too ... a bientot. dh.

Wil Murray said...

Maybe I'll come up for the January show....there's a slight chance I might be down before christmas.