Friday, September 21, 2007

A Special Series For Art Pop

Shawn Petsche wrote a mean tag line for Art Pop:
POP Montreal’s visual arts component presents emerging, innovative, and celebrated artistic talents from outside of established art canons who are hyper-engaged with/within the points of intersection between music and visual arts (fuck dance, let’s art), high and low art (in a non-boring way), and the transcendent experience with the everyday (lordavmerceh)."

Until this past year, most of my titles were drawn from songs or literature. I got to thinking today about my initial proposal to Shawn for the show with Marie-Douce that has become "Machine Molle". I had some idea about working with the titles that had been drawn from song lyrics. In the name of that aborted idea, I am going to be posting images of paintings with titles drawn from song lyrics and the songs they are drawn from in the weeks leading up to my show in the festival. And maybe a bit more about music in the studio and the musicians I count as close colleagues.

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