Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pas Chic Chic: I claim thee as "colleague".

I rarely find other people making art or music that I would pick as colleagues. In fact I shy from it, as it seems like some other persons job. Historians. Critics.
This week I was given the demo for Pas Chic Chic, a band made up of some of the most engaging people I know in Montreal. I was overwhelmed to find some very nice commonalities between their music and my work. I have had an ongoing conversation with Roger about art since my arrival in Montreal, and Marie-Douce is a collector of my work and DJ at my show last spring...they are two of my favourite people to have visit the studio.
Their music steps well beyond the drudgery of identity-based work, where the form is simply an armature to be fleshed out with the colour an material of influences. They have found the nuanced ornate and not thrown too many babies out with bathwater. Of course we're all marked with our grandfather's hands. I feel commonality many places, starting with the question: but what do you do after years of making something?
Listen to them here:
Pas Chic Chic: Sur Les Ecrans Statiques


heather said...

i'm listening to shatner singing - or rather 'doing' - 'common people'. it's nice.
are you coming got the pas chic chic show here or what?

Wil Murray said...

dunno....I will know tomorrow, if you see Patrick on the street get him to call me.
I want to's a financial matter. mostly.

heather said...