Monday, February 26, 2007

Art Pee Jokes

My very first post was a much more literate joke, but today's were all pee jokes.
I keep thinking I am making he funniest paintings I've ever made right now in the studio. The next painting i finish will be called "Why are you looking up here, the joke's in your hand"
Related to my constant thoughts on personal pronoun use in art (more to come on that soon enough), I want to name a show "I weed in your eye".
In more domestic design matters, I need to make a sign for my bathroom that reads "I peed in your pool. Swim in my toilet!"


JW Veldhoen said...

We were talking for awhile and then there was a long quiet moment. All the babble coming out of us, the pressure a little large, both of us swaying, drunken.

"I got to piss like a racehorse," you suddenly said. I was sad to part your company. I suddenly remembered a title of a book by Hawkes about a horse called 'Sweet William'. A funny little irony.

Wil Murray said...

Just as "Arsenal is all about attack" (Amis story?( side note: saw a virtual Yellow Dog on your virtual bookshelf. I don't understand why that book was so poorly wait, I understand it completely, what I mean is that I thought it was a good book)), I like the idea of someone somewhere describing me as "all about piss".

Anonymous said...

i would say two parts piss, one part vinegar. add a dash of sugar and garnish with broken guitar strings.
-mlle. mabey