Thursday, September 14, 2006

Greatest Art History Joke/ Roy Lichtenstein

The greatest art history joke:
The single-frame Lichtenstein painting reproduced as 1 inch square image in an art history textbook. To the right of the image a description of Roy’s process he paints large benday dots, mimicing the mechanical colour printing process.

“For further information on mechanical reproduction techniques, get out your magnifying glass and look at the image of Roy's painting to the left…see the dots? No, not the large small benday dots. Those are his, painted. Yes, the small small ones. Well, the smaller small ones. The tiny ones...yes, the tiny ones."
"Ours: tiny"
"Roy's: small...well, in the reproduction anyway. In real life his are huge and ours don't exist. And Roy's are painted, not printed. Like you can see in the photo to the left”
No one laughs.

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