Friday, September 15, 2006


I have decided to start this blog as a means of keeping my own continuous record my writings on painting and to facilitate discussion of them and my own painting practice.
The past year has seen me write a fair bit about painting, but I have only sat down at the keyboard in order to write artist statements, show proposals or emails with appropriate ends in mind. I am curious to see what comes of my writing when it is not done in the name of further some segment of my career. Finding a greater ove of writing, it seems a waste to only do it when it is made neccessary.
I find a great relief in writing which does not have to be directly describe of my own painting or having to tie ideas to my own practice. Sometimes the threads are invisible for a long time.

For reference purposes, can view my website here or visit The Patrick Mikhail Gallery to see my most recent work and show information. Both of these sites can also be accessed on the sidebar.

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