Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Animals of Distinction: Heart As Arena

My pal Dana Gingras has been working on a new piece called Heart As Arena. I was lucky enough to live above the dance studio she and the dancers were working in. That was only a year and half ago, but it seems longer.
Sometimes the world lines up and sends me to places I should be. Last time this happened I wound up in Berlin and meeting the love of my life, this time I am headed to Vancouver at the beginning of October to see my oldest friend before he leaves town and catch the premier of this piece at the VECC on October 4th.
Most of my life in Montreal has dissolved. This piece feels like a time capsule for me, a small part that left the party before the cops showed up. Or maybe just it was a faultless time traveller that gave me a little glimpse of the life I would lead now.
I'm really proud of my friend and look forward to this, like everything I have ever seen by her, completely altering my own practice.

Video by Yannick Grandmont

Heart As Arena from Dana Gingras on Vimeo.

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