Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Goodbye Galerie PUSH

I am sad to see Galerie PUSH disappear. Working with Megan Bradley always made things seem so much more possible. Getting into trouble, trying to eek out how to keep going, feeling like family..... working with Galerie PUSH made "business as usual" take its proper place as the way to do things if everything else fails. I loved you best with a tiny Boris beer in my hand up in that weird space on St. Laurent.
Entropy always, but I feel a little chicken little as I watch good things end and power consolidate in the hands of fewer...but this too will change. Always more plurality in the art world, please.
Good work, Galerie PUSH. Things will never be as exciting as my solo show there in 2009. That is the high point so far. Good luck to Megan as she moves over to Parisian Laundry, they are lucky to have her.

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