Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Atelier Project Exhibition: June 30th in Berlin

The Atelier Project Exhibition in the cavernous former cafeteria of the DDR radio complex will feature works by 8 international artists chosen in 2010 for the pilot visual arts project at the Funkhaus. This exhibition will be the first of a series of self-curated exhibitions by the artists working in a block of studios occupying warehouses and listening rooms on the first floor.
A haunting, empty space lit by the sun that served breakfast, lunch and dinner for decades, the former cafeteria is a location that represents well the ironic stillness and quiet the artists experience creating their pieces in the former workplace of thousands broadcasting to millions.

-Carla Busuttil (ZA)
-Steffen Geisler (D)
-Sibylle Jazra (D)
-Alexander J. Kraut (D)
-Eleni M (CY)
-Wil Murray (CA)
-Andrea Romero (MX)
-Martin Werthmann (D)

The exhibition is part of a larger opening event that includes:

The Funkhaus Art Prize 2011 exhibition
The Funkhaus Atelier Program exhibition
The open Studios of the Funkhaus Ateliers

Opening: 30 of June 18h-23h
Duration: 1-2 July 12h-17h

The opening will follow by an outdoor party on the bank of the spree and a BBQ!

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