Friday, March 25, 2011

Last Summer I Will Build A 1:8 Scale Model Of Your Vagina @ Staatsgalerie Prenzlauer Berg

My first exhibition in Berlin:
Last Summer I Will Build A 1:8 Scale Model Of Your Vagina
Wil Murray

April 25th to April 29th, 2011

Vernissage: April 25th, 8pm.

"Take great inspiration from Kurt Kren’s 31/75 Asylum and from Val Del Omar’s Fuego in Castilla.

Move to look at paintings hanging on walls, but also sit still to watch them slide across screens.

Enjoy a practice of making still, dimensional, constructed objects that will be inevitably flattened and put in motion. I refuse the ironic practices of making paintings for looking alone while they will still be photographed, broadcasted and watched. I refuse making paintings for watching alone while they will still have existed materially and looked at hanging on a wall. I can only make for both. I welcome the conceptual mess of making for watching and looking, welcome the confusion of a painting and it’s representation.

Pay as close attention in my practice to viewing source, angle, distance and duration as I do in my performance as an artist to volume, shine, cut and colour. So that my work in photograph is made impossible when standing in front of it looking and so that my work in person is made impossible when watching it from across the world."

Photo: Maxime Ballesteros


Aapo said...


Will this be only for 5 days? I'll be coming to Berlin in the start of May to bring a painting to groupshow. I like your stuff. If you have time come to see our show in Gallerie Souterrain opening 6.5. and drink beer.

Good stuff, keep it up,


Wil Murray said...

Only up for 5 days, sorry...send me an email with info on your show and I will come down and drink all your beer.
Oh shit, I am actually in France then...send me the email anyway, I will check it out when I am back.