Wednesday, October 06, 2010

New Prints at Art + Culture Editions

Art + Culture Editions has two editions of my work available by order online. A straight up print of my work is totally ridiculous, so for these I had Maxime Ballesteros photograph some paintings at my Berlin studio. I left him alone in an other room, he came back to get a hammer and some string.
His photos are incredibly frank and I am so glad he lent his eye to a different representation of my work than the one with the fake tits shadow and corrected hair colour and brown eye reduction.
The reproduction of "Hot Dog Day Chien Chaude Savvy To Rename Himself AA Aardvark" brings out it's sleaziness and dripping lustiness. Maxime's photo of "Call Me Anything Just Don't Call Me Late For Dinner or Alive And Well" is the only image I have seen that captures the quiet, airy stillness of my studio where the paintings exist pricipally as objects.
The prints are gorgeous, you can see and purchase them here. Nice and slick.

More of this type of representation to come, nice to know really good photographers.

Go see Maxime Ballesteros' work too, he's got some photos in Saccharine at The Grimmuseum in Berlin

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