Thursday, August 12, 2010

Upcoming Exhibitions: Soft Core/ Hard Edge

I will be traveling to my hometown to drink beers at the opening of this exhibit(Sept. 10th), to sex-up a panel discussion(Sept. 14th) and hold a happy hour artist talk(Sept. 15th). More info on all that soon. There's a book coming out with the show as well.

softcore/ HARD EDGE
Calgary: September 10th, 2010 to January 22nd, 2011
Los Angeles: August 29th to September 23rd, 2011

Phillip Argent, Tim Bavington, Billy Al Bengston, Karl Benjamin, Ingrid Calame, Alex Caldwell , Eric Cameron, Dave and Jenn, John Eisler, Bradley Harms, Harry Kiyooka, Allison Miller, Lee Mullican, Mark Mullin, Wil Murray, Candace Nycz, Monique Prieto, Laurel Smith

Curated by Marianne Elder & David Pagel

Art Gallery of Calgary

117 8 Avenue Southwest
Calgary, AB Canada
(403) 237-6637

Image: If You Wax It And Tan It The Scars Are Sure To Shine Brightly Tonight, 2010
Acrylic & Polyethylene Foam on Board, 83.5" X 49" X 8" Courtesy: Skew Gallery, Calgary

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