Tuesday, May 04, 2010

New Painting: She Broadcasts Love At A Six Hour Distance...

She Broadcasts Love At A Six Hour Distance So I Can Stop Telling Time on TV Clocks, 2010
85" X 63" X 7". Acrylic On Board.
Photo by Yannick Grandmont

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Anonymous said...


...you have to go far, far away in order to be discovered here at home (well, unless you are 54/40).

Sincerely, just a native Calgarian digging your work. Where in the world (ha) is "She Broadcasts Love At..." located? For sale?

Thank you,

Wil Murray said...

No disrespect to 54/40, but I think my terror at being the 54/40 of the painting world has led me very far from home indeed.
This painting is currently in Montreal, still available and may be coming west for sometime in the summer.

Anonymous said...

54/40 were 'victims' of the CRTC -- talented artists no doubt.

Don't run away so far that you are lost/ just don't do an album cover for Styx's Greatest Hits and you will be fine.

Please send up a smoke signal when that painting arrives in Cowtown.


Wil Murray said...

This smoke signal is late as hell, but the painting is in Calgary and has been there for a while.
If you want to see it, contact Emily at Skew Gallery.