Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Security to aisle four. The Magenta Opening at MOCCA

Photo by Tim at BlogTO

See, that's my painting on the right(it's called "Broadcast TV's Gape Shot Or A Sad End To A Proud Life") at the Magenta Carte Blanche Vol. 2: Painting exhibition. That bit hanging is a paint skin, hung off a piece of foam. While securely attached at one end, it hangs free at the other.
Now imagine that space (MOCCA) with around 500 people in it. There were so many people there on Saturday at the opening. I'm shit for gauging crowds, but someone said 500, so I'll believe them.
There were so many people that everyone was getting awfully close to the work, with their back to it, drinking. They had to post a security guard next to my work, shooing people away from it so that they didn't knock bits off. I was delighted. My work had a bodyguard for the night.
That was a very good opening.
Go see the show, it is best show of Canadian painting I've ever seen, and Maryann Camilleri did a brilliant job with the book too.

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