Monday, October 06, 2008

Art Fair Blues, Governor General Cheers, Toronto

Hey look, it's Governor General Michaelle Jean checking out Sexe Maniac Maniac Maniac Maniac Maniac at the National Gallery of Canada.
I just got back from Toronto last night. A little broken from the weekend's activities.
I travelled there for the 2008 Toronto International Art Fair. I left there pretty hollowed out.
The opening night gala was great with it's free booze and chatting with other artists, but the rest of the time is was a little heartbreaking to be there. Rarely do I feel extraneous when my work is hanging somewhere, but the fair has little to offer artists past the opening night. The fair is mostly for collectors and gallerists.
Wait, the fair's still on today, go see my work at Booth 1020 before it closes!
Other things I did in Toronto were fantastic. Drunken after-party and animated cab rides with John Eisler, dinner and art fairing with my Mom, recording an episode with Joel and Jenn for Squidpod, times spent with the stripey-jacketed dudes from the MOCCA, and free beer and brewery tour with Wayne Baerwaldt, Matt Masters, Terrence Houle and the boys in the band.
I'll be back in Toronto in November to open the Magenta show and see everyone I missed this time.


Jeffrey Collins: Painter said...

Wil, I understand how you feel. I think most of us artists get that same feeling when attending any kind of opening. That wonderment of "is anyone going to come to the show again after tonight?" we all experience that.

Keep pushing yourself bro, you've got some sweet pieces.


Wil Murray said...

Thanks, man.
Feeling much better after a few weeks in the studio.