Tuesday, September 23, 2008

National Post Slide Show

While I can't think of a better option to "tinkly piano music", the tinkly piano music in this slideshow on the RBC Painting Competition Finalists makes me laugh out loud....well at least during my part, in which I describe the strip club I got the title from and how I like Looney Tunes a lot.
Karen Hawthorne and me had a fine time doing the interview, and I think it shows.....Drew Simpson cataloging the contents of his painting is pretty amazing.
But I keep thinking a soft voice will start calmly discussing some terrible disease, then my weird telephone recorded voice cuts through and I'm in stitches.
Watch it here.

PS. The kick ass artist photo at the beginning is by Ashley Bilodeau.


kim said...

The music will prompt listeners to automatically send donations towards all manner of imagined diseases.

Panic said...

Is there some sort of swanky gala?

I also very much enjoy the Drew Simpson pieces. This likely does not surprise you.