Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Magenta Carte Blanche, Vol. 2 - Painting: MOCCA Exhibition

David Liss and Clint Roenisch have been hard at work in an underground bunker selecting the 30 painters from the list of 194 appearing in the Magenta Foundation's soon to be released book: "Carte Blanche Volume 2: Painting". These 30 painter will receive the coveted solid gold berets and will be included in the exhibition in Toronto at the MOCCA opening November 15th. They're launching the book that night too.
Obviously my Mountain Dew and Creme De Menthe cocktail gift basket was a hit. I knew campaigning was the way to go.
I'm in the book and the show. Busy autumn.
See the list here.
Pre-order your copy of the book at Amazon.


Anonymous said...

magentafoundation. carte blanche2
this is one of the worst canadian artbooks.
sorry, but the art and photo industry just can’t take this publisher magentafoundation serious.
sponsored by the end of the year bank-write offs doesn’t qualify as a
representative canadian publishing house.
but thanks for the try

Wil Murray said...

No need to thank me.