Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Painting: Thick and Thin Post Number Six: Frontier Myth Making

I did an interview with Leah Sandals for the National Post last month about Painting: Thick and Thin at the Glenbow Museum. The interview will be appearing in the paper tomorrow, you can read the online version here: Questions & Artists: Frontier Myth-Making .
Leah's done a fine job of editing my hungover rambling into a cohesive interview. For a little background on the show and some words by the artists about the themes dealt with in the interview, check out these earlier posts. I've tried to develop the complexities of the exhibition's subject matter with the artists in a venue not as touched by word counts, or the editing needs of large publishers or institutions.
Exciting day, a national article published at the same day as Portrayal, a group exhibition I have some work in, opens at the Diane Farris Gallery.

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