Thursday, July 03, 2008

Maybe Vegas will lay odds on the RBC competition this year.

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While I may win, I'm not sure I'll cover the spread.
This is the painting of mine shortlisted for the 2008 RBC Canadian Painting Competition. It is called "Sexe Maniac Maniac Maniac Maniac Maniac" and is 66" tall, 52" wide.
The other shortlisted paintings can be seen here:
2008 RBC Shortlisted Paintings

*Image by Yannick Grandmont, from


kim said...

This makes me think of life boats hanging off the side of the Titanic (full frontal), also wooden teeth, and cake.

Mason said...

Fuck yeah. I'm excited for you.

vieux bandit said...

Well best of luck to you: your painting is amazing, and my favourite among those, so you get my vote!