Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Justin Evans & Wil Murray

June 25th to September 11th: Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Calgary

Justin Evans and Wil Murray walked into a bar 10 years ago to diagram a lenticular “walked into a bar” joke called GRREEDEN. This exhibition is one possible punch line.
A sister exhibition to “Painting: Thick & Thin”, which tracks Wil’s complex relationship to far-off colleagues and to his hometown, GRREEDEN tracks the coy and winding path to and from collaboration between two artists in daily contact. The project has flowered beautifully in conversation between them about painting, lenticular printing and narrative, and continued upon leaving the table to return to individual practices. This exhibition is the fruit, printed and painted and displayed at market.
Justin’s prints of tourist vistas, taken with a hybrid camera, explore the ghosting and accidents at the breaking points of lenticular image making. Exploring the beauty created by focal distortion and partial obfuscation of the lens and amplifying it through the abuse of intentional accidents in the printing process, Justin’s prints make real his daring attempts over the years to develop techniques, theories and processes not yet explored in lenticular printing.
Wil’s paintings track his romps around the re-organization of abstract creation narratives in painting through the physical removal and re-attachment of surface sections and the construction of sculptural excrescences that force a radial viewing across a painting. His relationship to narrative, demonstrated on bar tables across the country and tracked in paint for this exhibition mean to reveal his delight and terror in the escalating demands of a project and friendship of such scale and length.
The two mediums exhibited point toward the future confusion and amalgamation of practices. A slow leaning toward material collaboration. This first public step is made intentionally blind to where it is putting its foot, but clear on where it has come from and where it is going.
GRREEDEN is both a storyboard for future and a chronicle of past projects, all called GRREEDEN.

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