Tuesday, January 29, 2008

please use my full name so we can start a public feud

From the short story "Jaws" by Donald Barthelme:
"I don't believe that we are what we do although many thinkers argue otherwise. I believe that what we do is, very often, a poor approximation of what we are - an imperfect manifestation of a much better totality. Even the best of us sometimes bite off, as it were, less than we can chew. When Natasha bites William she's saying only part of what she wants to say to him. She's saying, William! Wake up! Remember! But that gets lost in a haze of pain, his."

(from "40 Stories" pg. 66)


JW Veldhoen said...

I'm the incredibly hungry weasel.
Or Knut Hamsun is. I think Lacan can fold, and would call the camera a gaze. Sorry I sucked in Red Deer.
Still need to give you some stuff.
I want to see the painting again, but somewhere far from back home, like here in the summer, or Montreal.

I was feeling something else besides the redemptive power of art in Alberta.

JW Veldhoen said...

I am the incredibly hungry weasel.
Never you mind what I look like.

sarah said...

oh, oh, oh.