Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Artpop Series 7: Scott Walker Promises

Because You're Young And You'll Forget, 2003
Scott Walker - Because You're Young And You'll Forget

Made in Vancouver in 2003 before the studio burned down, this painting was the favourite of nearly everyone who had the image mass-emailed to them. It always felt a bit hokey, like a demonstration piece. Oh well, it's cinders now.
All this is getting a bit tired. Discussions of music and art and where they intersect might be more interesting if I had the energy to put into the implications of it all, or whether any implication ever existed. Quite honestly I named most paintings in mini naming bees. I would name 5 or 6 at a time and I don't think I wanted to take any responsibility for the titles, but didn't want untitled work. I found untitled work dry, but saddling an abstract painting with an elaborate title from my own head seemed to do nothing else but motion away from the work itself and to supporting texts.
It is amazing what having a few words about my work floating around, unwritten by me, has done to my willingness to engage in my own titling and loose writing.


Mason said...

You wrote this post first and decided you needed to write the others so that there was something to be tired of, didn't you?

Jesse said...

a "demonstration piece" perhaps, but man, you could have sold that thing in a heart-beat these days. That painting is so catchy.