Saturday, September 22, 2007

Artpop Series 2: Do You Think He Can Kiss Me...

Do You Think He Can Kiss Me A Hundred Million Times, 2004
...And The Native Hipsters - Punk Kissing

I picked up a record by them at Recordland in Calgary for 5 dollars. I think it is the best mystery record I've ever found. They became my pet band in the time between leaving Vancouver and arriving in Montreal. I'd contacted the band and got a CD of their stuff, so my introduction to many people in Montreal was with a six pack and their CD.


Panic said...

To me, it's like everything gets heavier as you go down (or maybe the pull of gravity) until you get to the very bottom and it can't be contained by the canvas.

It's darker than others I've seen.

Mason said...

I'm excited about this series of posts. I've often wondered where the titles came from specifically.

the other day I was talking with Ang, (and others) about what to call my upcoming show at the Marquee. I said one of the titles was too long, and she mentioned that it wasn't as long as your titles. To which I exclaimed, "I don't want to be Wil Murray!" Not meaning that I wouldn't want to do the things that you do, they are brilliant. It was more along the lines that I wanted to do something for and from myself as much as possible.

Anyway, the point is that it ended up that I have a long title that sounds like a song lyric for my show, but I wrote it myself. Since you get yours mostly from songs written by others, it looks like I did do something for and by me.

Whew. Ramble much, Hastie?

Wil Murray said...

It is also older than you've probably seen.
Just after I got a studio in Montreal, i made this.
I will be emailing you with my assessment of Lanark so far(done the first two parts). Clive Barker must have been a big fan of this book, and Gray a big fan of the Magic Mountain by Mann, but that shit is just cloudgazing.

Wil Murray said...

I gave up the song lyric titling around the same time I discovered how boring it was to play covers on stage. Loving listening to a song, and loving wearing it are two very different things.
My titles now seem to orbit the bathroom or shower room at a pool, dunno why.
My long titles are just following that YBA thing we all loved in school. And trying to avoid the heroic or essential in a title.

Wil Murray said...

Mason, Call the show "I AM NOT WIL MURRAY", it appeals to my ego.

Mason said...


Re:"I AM NOT WIL MURRAY" something to that effect was suggested. Probably by Ang. Or maybe by me. Either way, it was rejected entirely BECAUSE it would appeal to your ego.

Mason said...

Suddenly I'm wondering if you have responded to one of my comments on here and I have never read it.

I wonder if there is a way to track my comments on Blogger?

Wil Murray said...

YBA = Young British Artist
Oh god I feel like a dick using that.
So what did you call the show, mystery man?

Mason said...

I was waiting until I had this up.

"Despite your detachment; I suppose in theory I still wouldn't object to having you near me."