Friday, August 31, 2007

An Admission, and The Art-Writing Blooper Reel

I'm fond of Mary Cassatt.

While not nearly as jaw-dropping as the CAG in Vancouver describing a group of artists "exploring through exploration", the following sentence(pulled from this VoCA post) is wonderfully awful in it's inability to describe anything. Or maybe its ability to describe, through description, absolutely nothing:

"GARETH MOORE’s photographs of sculptures made from rubbish will become part of sculptural forms that draw attention to the images as archive."

I imagine these sentences to be written by curators on Friday Afternoon, or Monday Mornings. Beginning with the sentence "I don't know, go see the fucking work", they replace each word with a tile drawn from that Scrabble-like plastic bag that every curator has. On the tiles are printed things like "identity", "memory", "notions of", "transgressive".
Every word replaced.
Call it a night or wonder what the week's Facebook feed will bring.


Mason said...

laughed out loud.

J@simpleposie said...

The colour of the upholstery in the above painting is just too nice. Lots of turquoise and little bits of gold...deelish - it's funny this morning I was watching cartoons on tv and in this one cartoon that I watched, an evil feline super villain transformed a canine superhero into a cat. At one point the dog just couldn't believe his new catlike behaviour. You know, he was suddenly eating a lot of tuna fish and playing with big balls of yarn and things - he kept trying to figure out what was going on...but the super villain cat kept plying him with more kitty treats like (honest) a roomfull of plush turquoise couches and divans to scratch up or sleep on as he wished.

Two scenarios full of couches within hours on Saturday morn.