Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Danger. If The Panto Boys Are Out There.

Now that I am a safety-loving artist in the studio, wearing a mask all the time and replacing the cartridges regularly, the dangers await when I leave the studio.
I am likely to be hit by a car walking home from the studio each night. Only six or seven blocks away, and only one busy street to cross.
The problem is that while I am walking across the street, I am tracking all the possible outcomes as they present themselves. Estimating their possible outcomes while simultaneously trying to gauge their duration and end point, and playing for time for my hand to step in and stop it all.
Grand strategy for painting, not so grand when jaywalking. Forgetting to value getting across the street safely, oncoming traffic is read not as an immediate danger, only as something in play.
Horns blaring as the cars whizz past.
This makes conversation with unexpected folks on the street impossible too.
The only thing that it reminds me of is when I was speeding, I would spend a lot of time in malls. Passing the ubiquitous glass partitions that separate shoppers in malls from three story drops, i would recognize a fear of falling with relative removal. Some note posted internally and distant telling me to be careful not to fall, or maybe just to count dropping to my death as something in play.

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