Sunday, October 15, 2006

From the desk of.....

"At twenty-eight, Wil Murray is the most promising young painter
I know. I love the way he has plunged head first into the brand
new, and very much still evolving, acrylic paint medium, seeking
to find his voice. Already he has achieved some bold, spontaneous
perfections, which show true sophistication."

Kenworth W. Moffett Ph.D
Former Curator of Contemporary Art
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


heather said...

A friend of mine had bold spontanious perfections once, and she said a little dose of penicillin cleared it right up.
By the way, this yiddish i have to write to publish a comment is killing me! I suspect you're trying to make sure i'm sober before i post anything silly.
Well i'm NOT! I'm as pickled as an onion. SO THERE!

heather said...

I'm currently working on a semiotic analysis of the portrait of an artist. You inspired me to take on this project after asking for reccomendations on the photo for your invitation.
I'm going to investigate precisely which qualities ('signifiers' and 'codes' and stuff) make for an ideal photograph of an artist in their studio.
my prof just got back to me on my proposal today, and surprisingly he is seriously into this project!

Wil Murray said...

ohhhh...John's gonna have something to say about your spelling

heather said...

yeah i know. i think he's sweet on me. attempting to disprove my innate infallibility is always the first sign.

Eric said...


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