Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Thanks to Flannery O'Connor: A Redemption Song

In the narrative of creation the painter lives with each painting multiple lives of varying lengths. Each painting, with its life lived has a narrative of creation whose length is determined by the time it takes to find redemption. Or the end is following a completely separate track, redemption is decided upon the end.

The relief of the end of the painting is the bliss of redemption. No longer suffering the delights and terrors of unsustainable marks and impermanent compositions, constant promise and threat of irrelevancy of a very real and well-documented present. Pathologize the marks you mythologized yesterday. Happy and silent, ignore the triumphant false end of yesterday.

But was I relieved every time? Was I redeemed? Shit, I can’t remember. Do it again. Maybe the next painting will simply never end.

The end, the redemption leaves me two questions:

1. Does the redemptive end of the painting result from every mark made, the complete creation narrative of the painting?

2. Does the redemptive end of the painting result only from those marks intended to procure redemption upon the end?

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