Saturday, September 16, 2006

Last Year's Model- Wil Murray Interview 2005

Three links to an interview done by Zeke for my show last October at Zeke's Gallery in Montreal.
I remember that day, I'd spent the afternoon with Briand, a guy I worked with at a reno job. He'd been hit in the board with a flying board from a table saw, but wouldn't stop trying to work even though he was in excrutiating pain. My job that afternoon was to take hime to the bar across the street and keep him drinking. I did, and in turn was a little loose. Word to the wise: a 200km/h board in the chest and 10 beers makes an Acadian man loudly champion the attributes of his waitress' body.

Wil Murray Interview Part 1
Wil Murray Interview Part 2
Wil Murray Interview Part 3

A review of that show from Cedric Caspesyan at Artquebus:
Candy Power: Wil Murray "Fated FĂȘted Fatted Fetid" at Zeke's Gallery

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